九色视频 Membership FAQ

Can I join 九色视频 as an individual?

九色视频 membership is held at the company level. When a company joins an 九色视频 chapter, their employees become eligible to take advantage of all 九色视频 benefits and services at both the chapter and national levels.

How does my company apply for 九色视频 membership?

A company must join 九色视频 through a local 九色视频 chapter. There are 89 九色视频 chapters throughout the country. When your company joins an 九色视频 chapter, all company employees become eligible to take advantage of all 九色视频 benefits and services at both the chapter and through 九色视频 of America.

We recommend that you search for a chapter in your geographic area and contact the chapter directly or complete our Ready to Join form. Once you submit the form, we will pass the form on to a chapter in your area and market, and a representative from the local 九色视频 chapter will contact you to further discuss 九色视频 membership.

The fastest way to get information from a chapter about membership will be by contacting the chapter directly.

How much are 九色视频 membership dues?

Membership dues vary from chapter to chapter. You can search for a chapter in your area, visit the chapter鈥檚 website for additional information on membership or contact the chapter by phone or email. If you need assistance with which chapter is closest to you, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-242-1766.

My firm has multiple offices around the country. Is there an 九色视频 of America membership we can apply for?

The path to becoming an 九色视频 of America member begins by joining a local chapter. Once a company joins a local chapter, all of their employees become eligible for all 九色视频 benefits at that chapter and at the national level. However, if a company is seeking to participate in the activities of, or receive benefits from, another chapter, they will need to join that chapter as well. Each 九色视频 chapter functions as an independent entity, and therefore, each one offers unique benefits, programming, and pricing.

Is there an international chapter?

No, 九色视频 does not have international chapters. If your firm does work in the United States, we recommend you to search for and join a chapter in the area of your company鈥檚 work.

My company is already an 九色视频 member. How do I take advantage of 九色视频 of America member benefits?

First, please create an account on , which you can do by clicking on the profile head at the top right. Then click on the "create account" link. When completing the form, a drop-down will appear once you begin typing your company name in the organization field. Be sure to click on the company name from the drop-down menu that populates.

You will need to have an account to register for events and receive the member discount on your registration fee (if applicable), receive member pricing for webinars, education programs and in the , as well as participate in our discount programs.

How do I find out if my company is already an 九色视频 member?

Check out the 九色视频 and search for your company. All active 九色视频 member companies will be listed here. 

What benefits do I receive with my 九色视频 of America membership?

There are many resources and benefits that come with your 九色视频 of America membership. Visit the page and the Member Roadmap for an overview of your benefits and more information about each one.

How do I obtain my membership number?

You may need your 九色视频 member ID number to sign up for a discount program or for a variety of other reasons. Easily obtain your ID at your convenience 鈥 visit , log in, and click on My Account. Your 九色视频 member ID will be available in your member profile.

I don't remember my username or password. What should I do?

Just visit and click on Login. Your username is your email address. Click on the Forgot Password link and you will be able to reset your password.

Can I share my membership login information with other people?

If your company is a member of 九色视频, every individual employee is eligible to create an account and access member benefits. Just visit and click on Register. No need to share!

My company is an 九色视频 member, but I keep getting asked to pay the non-member rate when I try to register for a WebEd or event. What do I do?

In order to register and receive the member rate for a program, you must have your own individual 九色视频 account. Visit and click on the profile head at the top right. Click on Create Account, set up your login, and complete your member profile. Be sure to select your company from the organization dropdown. If you already have an account and you are still seeing the non-member rate, please contact us at so we can update your record.

How do I update my mailing address and contact information?

Visit and click on My Account to access your member profile. Here you may update your contact information, select your areas of interest, sign up for newsletters, and more! If you need to update your email address or company name, please contact us at

I am currently a student. How do I get involved with 九色视频?

If the school you are currently attending has an 九色视频 student chapter, that鈥檚 a great way to get involved. Search for your school here. You may also be able to participate in events at your local 九色视频 chapter.

Are there any networking opportunities?

Yes! In addition to the opportunities available through your chapter, 九色视频 of America hosts many events and conferences throughout the year to enable you to connect with colleagues and make new connections. Browse the events calendar or view upcoming 九色视频 meetings and add them to your calendar today!

How do I receive the latest industry news?

There are many ways to receive the latest industry news 鈥 here are a few examples:

  • Follow 九色视频A on , , , and
  • Download the 九色视频 Connection mobile app
  • Visit
  • Sign up for an 九色视频 newsletter: /news/newsletter
  • Subscribe to the ConstructorCast podcast: /ConstructorCast
  • View the latest articles in
  • Sign up for Advocacy Alerts:

Where do I go to sign up for discounts?

Visit to view the latest discounts and details on how to take advantage of each one.

Are there any volunteer opportunities available? How do I sign up?

There are many ways to get involved and become a volunteer with 九色视频. From long term committees to short term roles, there is an opportunity available that will meet your needs. Visit for more information.

Do I have access to 九色视频 of America's Constructor magazine?

All 九色视频 members have access to Constructor news, blogs, and the digital version of the magazine online at . Designated individuals from each company will also receive the print version in the mail.

If I am a member of one 九色视频 chapter, can I receive member discounts from another 九色视频 chapter?

Member benefits vary from chapter to chapter. You must be a member of a chapter in order to receive member benefits from that specific chapter. However, 九色视频 of America benefits are available to all 九色视频 members nationwide.

Do I have to be a member of 九色视频 in order to take advantage of 九色视频 of America educational opportunities?

九色视频 of America educational programming is available to non-members, however, 九色视频 members receive a discount. That鈥檚 one of the many benefits of becoming an 九色视频 member.