Hard Hats to Helmets

Looking for information on helmet-style head protection? Want to learn about traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)? Is your company considering piloting helmets on your jobsite(s) or are you being contractually required to use them? As the hard hats to helmets movement gains momentum, ɫƵ continues to raise awareness about the topic, provide opportunities for contractors to hear from their peers who are going through the transition, and facilitate discussions to address the most pressing questions/concerns (investment, employee buy-in, policies and procedures, etc.).   


Webpage: Hard Hats to Helmets

The Hard Hats to Helmets (H2H) website provides comprehensive information on the movement, the scientific and technological basis for the transition, helmet manufacturer information, and much more. 

Webinar: Helmets vs. Hardhats: Why helmets? (July 2023)

This webinar will cover the current OSHA requirements for head protection, the current consensus standards regulating the manufacturing and testing of industrial head protection, and the research that supports the movement to helmets as fall-related head protection. Two industry leaders engaged in this initiative – a general and specialty contractor – will discuss their journey, the influence the related research had on their internal policy decisions, and how they, and the industry, are moving forward.


  • Scott Greenhaus, Executive Vice President, Structural Group Inc.
  • Cindy DePrater, Senior Vice President, Chief EHS Officer, Turner Construction Company

Article: Hard Hats or Helmets - Making the Right Decision for your Employees (May/June 2023)

This article focuses on the differences between the traditional hard hat and the newer safety helmets, statistics related to head injuries and associated workers compensation claims, and the various factors that affect adoption. 

Podcast: Coming to a Jobsite Near You: Hardhats to Helmets (February 2023)

Traumatic Brain Injuries are responsible for 25% of all construction fatalities, and many life-altering injuries. With this information and emerging technology, many contractors are considering the transition from the traditional brim hardhat, to a chin-strap safety helmet. Joining on this episode to talk about their respective companies journey in this transition, are Seth Randall of Clark Construction, and Jamie Dabbs of TD Industries.


  • Seth Randall, CSP, CHST, Regional Safety Director, Infrastructure Group, Clark Construction Group
  • Jamie Dabbs, CSP, ASP, CRIS, Vice President, Safety, Health & Environmental, TDIndustries

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